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Yes, we used to be Chameleon. Due to the fact that there are so many bands named Chameleon...we changed our name to note13. This seemed to be the only band name not already in use, and as there are only 12 notes in a music scale, fits our personality.


Okay, the word "band" is used liberally here, we are actually a duet. Nonetheless, note13 is a duet that sounds like a full band. And, true to our name, we will throw an entertaining variety of music your way. (Check out the sound files page to hear this for yourself).

This website is somewhat of a potpourri. You will find pages that give  you actual useful information about the band - About note13. You will find entertaining or even useless info about us - Band Members. There are also pages here that are a complete waste of time, but we find amusing - Weird Places, which includes our now famous: Forms of the Word Uvula page. Also present are the required pages for booking information, sign up form for mailing list and other items of shameless self promotion. Finally, if you want to help book us and make some cash for yourself, go to the "So you want to be a booking agent" page.

Following is a video, much of the material shown was shot at a show we did show in Dallas (Fortunately, we were not shot on Elm Street). Regardless, please note that the opening refers to our old name, Chameleon. The show filmed still accurately portrays us, note13.





One thing you can be sure of, this website will constantly change as it is pretty much a stream of consciousness type project for our personal amusement. So visit often. We are constantly adding to our set list and we have just added our new event calendar.



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great Icky Twerp visit http://www.ickytwerp.net/

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Brian May Guitars


Photo Album          Check out our online photo albums, with pictures from our gigs as well as pictures of our fans.




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