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Forms of the word Uvula

Forms of the word "Uvula"

  Pronunciation: 'yü-vy&-l&
noun. A small mass of fleshy tissue that hangs from the back of the soft palate.

(If you entered this website through this page, enjoy the further erosion of the English language below, then
please visit the website of the band CHAMELEON, which was kind enough to bring you this nonsense.)

uvulae             Plural (pronounced uvuli)

uvuloop           Verb form

uvulistic           The uvula used as a weapon

uvulotion         Phlem, or in the porn industry…probably best left to one’s own interpretation       

uvulitis            One of several diseases of the uvula

uvulope           A species of small antelope which inhabit the plains of Africa. The males grow a pair of uvulae on their head during mating season instead of antlers. They are rarely hunted as they are not considered good eating, and they make poor trophies as the uvulae on their heads do not hold up well during the taxidermy process.

uvulipse           An oval shape which conforms to the mathematical properties of a uvula

uvulagami        The Japanese art of folding colored paper into the form of uvulae

uvuless            Being born without a uvula (which does not yet qualify as a disability that will allow the use of handicap parking spaces), or simply forgetting one’s uvula

uvulob             Throwing a uvula

uvulummy       Although the ancient Egyptians did not widely regard the uvula as having great religious significance, there have been some mummified uvulas found in tombs. Scholars believe it was probably a joke.

uvulobia          The fear of uvulae

uvulopia          A mythical lost city

uvuland           The location of uvulopia. A fortunately rejected concept during the writing of “The Wizard of Oz”

uvulastic          The stretching properties of a uvula

uvulip              Worse than a hairlip…I mean, think about it.

uvulobe           uvulae at the base of the ears…but then…I mean, LOOK at earlobes.

uvulike            Resembling the uvula…in reference to the above, earlobes are uvulike.

uvuloose          A partially detached or dislocated uvula. Dislocation of the uvula is not uncommon in yodelers, or again, in the porn industry

uvulink            Siamese twins attached at the uvula. Not a pretty picture, except for among those with extreme fetishes. (Real money maker in the porn industry)

uvulurk            Relates to the stealth qualities of the uvula. Often expressed by the feeling that “A uvula is watching me”, or “I think there is a uvula in the closet”

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