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About note13
Actually we probably covered this a bit already, But if you are still yearning for more scintillating details:

Bob and Jeff (the members of note13) have played in various bands in the Dallas Fort Worth area for about fifteen years. Jeff has been playing music professionally virtually all his life and Bob has been at it about 20 years. They first met in a Country Band of all things. (See incriminating photo below; circa 1990. We are the two standing in the center. Count the mullets.) In the music business this is called "paying your dues". And no, we don't know where you can buy that couch, and yes, we have abandoned the mullets.

After we left behind the neon lights of the country music scene we spent time in a band called Diva G, and High Maintenance, which was a general purpose party band that did songs like "Proud Mary", "I will Survive", and "YMCA". This band was fronted by a female lead singer. Once again, this is called "paying your dues". If you want to see a picture of us then, you will have to wait. We have not had our "drop" meeting with the blackmailers yet.

Well, to make a short story long, in 2005 Jeff and Bob decided it was time to put together their own band. Thus the birth of Chameleon, which as explained is now note13, a duet with a full band sound that can entertain in a multitude of situations, most of them legal in some states. Note13 can play large venues, festivals, restaurants, small stages, private parties, really private parties, etc. Our setup gives us the song selection and volume control to fit in any environment.

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