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So, you want to be a booking agent...

Cool, we can use all the help you want to give us. If anyone sends us information
that we use to get a pay gig, we will give that person 10% of our first booking there.
Now, this has to be more than; "Hey, check out this club I heard about in Dallas."
We need a contact name and a referral. That way we can call and say "Hey Mr.
Booking Dude, our friend said to call you." And he says "Oh yea, they said you were
the best band since Led Zeppelin, here's $2000." OK, maybe a bit lofty there, but you
get the picture. So fill out the form below and we can all retire early. 



email address:  
Your phone number  
Other phone (cell)
Where you think we should play  
Describe the place (or gig)
Contact name there
Phone number there
Anything else we should know


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