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You may have to wait for a song to download a minute to listen. You might try right clicking a song and selecting "open in new window"



Some of these are just partial songs, (demos) but
they give you a good idea of how we sound live
This is truly a variety of styles and songs. Some we wrote for particular bands, requested styles, or even film soundtracks. There are a couple "sections" here that may help you focus your listening. Note13 is our regular secular music outlet, and Turnabout is our secret identity superhero contemporary Christian band (without masks....unless you pay extra)
Under Pressure

Brown Sugar

Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy (full version)

Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy (demo)

Pride and Joy

Superstition (full version)

Superstition (demo)

Ain't No Sunshine

Demo Video Download

note13 originals

U Let Me be Me

Killer Deals

Shadows in Empty Rooms

I'm Sorry (that you're such a bitch)

Cindy's a Man

Out of Gas in Lubbock

School of Hard Knocks

Song to You

Give me a Smile


Turnabout originals

Jesus is a Real Cool Guy

The Hammer Song

Nobody's Fault

My Soul Waits

No Way Out

Make God Laugh

Make God Laugh (reprise)

Infomercial Christianity

Gimme a Shovel

Wedding March (our own version of the time honored classic...starts off traditional, but at about 45 seconds it changes to our rocked out version)




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